Review: Free Website App, QuotesCover

I made this image using QuotesCover & a photo of Freddie.
Like to make pretty graphics with a quote? I've used Quozio for this in the past. (Read my Quozio Review.)

I like having more than one tool in the old design toolbox.So today's Magic Trick is QuotesCover.

This free website app turns any text you write into beautiful graphics for social, web, and printouts by combining worry-free licensed fonts and breathtaking backgrounds.

What You Need to Know

No design skill or sign-up required. You can use QuotesCover to create anything from small resolution graphics for social media and website to higher resolution images for your desktop and mobile wallpaper to graphics suitable for printouts or merchandising. No matter how large the image, the download will be fast.

Any time you create images using online editors, you should always check the output image license. Make sure the fonts and graphic assets are safe for commercial use. Quo, has high-quality fonts and backgrounds that are carefully curated and or created to comply with the "safe for commercial use license" which is a must for anyone designing online. Get all the legal rights details here.

Takeaway Truth

If you really love QuotesCover, membership is only $2.90 a month. Check out all the features in a paid membership.

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