Beauty Tip: Get Blur Moisturizer Primer

I'm the kind of woman who likes to have my hair styled and my makeup on when I leave the house.

I've always been girly that way. Until...

Until I started seeing the chiropractor once or twice a week about 6 months ago.

I discovered I liked sleeping later—especially if I had a pain-filled night—instead of getting up early to do the hair and makeup thing.

But pain doesn't make one look her best, does it?

So I compromised. No makeup, but applying this "blur" moisturizing primer, Maybelline New York Master Prime.

I discovered it made me look a little less like death warmed over when I left the house on those mornings.

I was actually surprised that it helped that much. The one shown above is the one I use, and it's $5.29 for a one-time purchase or $4.50 if you subscribe, which I do. It evens out any redness in the complexion. There are several to fit various skin tone needs.

Takeaway Truth

This isn't a beauty blog, but I thought I'd share this little secret.

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