Amazon Prime Benefits You Should Know About

This morning when I was working out, I had YouTube on. I watched 10 Hidden Amazon Prime Benefits by NextTimeTech.

Absolutely watch his video. He lists the direct links for each of the 10 benefits he discusses.

I'm going to share 4 benefits that I haven't been using that I plan to adopt immediately. I'll admit up front that I use Prime mostly for Prime Video, Prime Music, and the free shipping.

I do take advantage of Amazon Household meaning another adult in my household can share my account. I never thought of that as a hidden benefit, but others might not know about it.

The benefits that are available that I haven't used—which means I'm not getting the most out of my Prime membership—but plan to start using are:

Twitch, owned by Amazon, this website offers video games and what they call Twitch Loot, free stuff that changes weekly. Video games are offered free. If you have a gamer in the family, you'll want to explore Twitch Prime.

Prime Wardrobe is like StitchFix and the other popular subscription online shopping websites. Simply fill out your profile, select 8 items, and it's shipped quickly to you with a prepaid mailing label and box so you can return any you don't like. No subscription fee. Pay for only the ones you want.

Prime Reading is a no-brainer. I knew about this but have been so busy buying books I hear about that I forget the ones I can read for free. This is different from Kindle Unlimited.

2 Hour Grocery Delivery is available in my area, and I'm going to start using it. If you're in a metropolitan area, it's probably available to you too. Just fill in your zip code to find out.

Takeaway Truth

If you'd like to know more about Prime Member Benefits, visit Prime Insider for a complete list.


  1. I love my Prime membership! Thanks for this information, Joan. I'll watch the video by NextTimeTech to see if there's anything else I'm missing.