Add QR Codes to Your Print & Digital Marketing

Do you use QR Codes on your printed marketing materials and/or your websites?

If not, you may be missing an easy way to impart information to readers.

QR Codes are a proven and easy-to-understand technology that bridges the gap between the physical and the digital.

You can encode any type of text information in a QR Code, for example your website address, a Facebook page, a coupon for a free ebook, your blog link, text, etc.

When you create a QR Code, anyone with a QR Reader App on a cell phone can access the information whether the QR Code is printed on paper or on a website.

To get a QR reader app, just go to your cell phone's app store. By scanning the QR code, the app decodes the information and makes it available to the user.

If you have a QR reader app on your cell, scan this QR code that I made with QR Code Monkey. Yes, you can put a logo in the middle of the QR code you create. This is a static QR code meaning, it's always available.

Many websites offer QR Code Generators, but most charge a fee. However, the one I now use, QR Code Monkey, does not.

If you use QR Code Monkey, do make a donation to them so they can keep their service free.

Their Home Page has an excellent primer of what you need to know about QR codes. Just scroll down to ABOUT and read all about this marketing tool that may be new to you.

Takeaway Truth

Give it a try. Save the image on your computer and use it digitally or insert in a printed marketing promotion like a postcard or bookmark.

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