Thursday3Some: 3 Cooking Gadgets for Thanksgiving

Good news for the Thanksgiving Chef of the household!

There are some great new gadgets to help you manage the preparation and cooking of your Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

Also good news—you still have plenty of time to order these gadgets and use them on the big cooking day ahead.

Here are 3 that I think are particularly appealing.

1. Norpro Reusable Turkey/Poultry Timer, only $14.95, Amazon Prime Free Delivery and Free Returns

For many cooks, knowing when a turkey is done is a difficult skill to master. This timer eliminates the guesswork and gives you the peace of mind of knowing you're not serving raw poultry!

he legs spring up when the internal temperature reaches a certain point that means the turkey is ready to serve.

This timer can be reused 300+ times. Just follow the instructions.

2. Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign [Upgraded Metal Design]. $13.99. Amazon Prime and Free Returns.

This isn't precisely a cooking gadget, but it is used in the kitchen, and it addresses one of my pet peeves. Like all recent dishwashers, mine displays a "CLEAN" light when the cycle has finished. As soon as someone opens the dishwasher door to get something out then shuts the door, that "CLEAN" cycle light goes off. If the dishes stay inside the washer all day, there have been many times when my husband or I open it and play the guessing game of, "are they clean or dirty?"

Years ago, everyone had little magnets on the dishwasher doors. One side said clean and one side said dirty. Flip it over, and you know what the dishes inside were. Well, someone finally came out with a Sliding Indicator Reminder that's adhesive since so many of the so-called stainless steel dishwasher doors are really aluminum. Magnets won't stick, but Sticky Tab Adhesion works great.

3. OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler, $9.99. Amazon Prime and Free Returns.

I have one of these, and it really does take the work out of peeling potatoes, carrots, or any other vegetable. I hate peeling potatoes. That was one of my chores when I was a kid. I bet I've peeled bushels, and I had to do it with a paring knife.

It's amazing how a simple kitchen tool can take away the drudgery of prep work.

Takeaway Truth

Do you have your menu planned and the order of cooking listed? I'll give some tips on that Saturday along with a recipe.

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