Food for Thought at Thanksgiving

Wherever you are today, give thanks for:
  • all those you love
  • all those who love you
  • the blessings of liberty
  • your health even if you have some problems, you're still above ground
  • your spouse or significant other
  • your children if you're lucky enough to have some
  • your pets who love you unconditionally
  • your job even though it may suck at times
  • the roof over your head
  • the vehicle you drive
  • the warm clothes you have for winter
  • the heat in your home
  • and so many other things you take for granted.
Takeaway Truth

So many in our world are homeless and without the means of caring for themselves and others. Many have lost hope.

Tomorrow on Black Friday when you're trolling the malls or online, take a moment to make a charitable contribution to help someone in need.

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