Free Ebook for Indie Author Day

Happy Indie Author Day!

Today, all over the world, libraries and literacy organizations are paying tribute to independent authors and their books.

Want to know more? Click Indie Author Day to find out about this annual event.

In the meantime, I'm celebrating by giving away Kindle copies of LuvU4Ever,  a holiday romance that's free at most Kindle stores.

(Some countries try to charge for it, and I apologize for that. I have no control over the situation. Make sure it says free before you check out.)

About LuvU4Ever
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A Moment in Time is all it takes for Love to be revealed.

LuvU4Ever. That's what was engraved on the gold heart David gave Noelle when he proposed. David and Noelle have been married 10 years. He promised to love her forever? So what happened?

"I told you to never call me at home."

Can nine little words destroy love? This year as Christmas approaches, Noelle faces the biggest decision of her life. Will she choose payback? Will she choose love? Or will she just walk away?

LuvU4Ever has been expanded and is now the anchor book for a 13-story series, A Moment in Time Romance, very sexy short stories with each short story introducing new characters and revisiting the heroes and heroines of previous stories.

What Reviewers Say About LuvU4Ever

Jane Jones, Amazon TOP 1000 Reviewer. 5 Stars —"I love a good short story with a beginning, middle and strong ending and LuvU4Ever delivers with no cliffhangers to cheat the reader. I can relate to Noelle taking care of her mother when she is sick and away from her husband as I have done it several times for both my parents and it does put stress on the best relationship with a spouse.

"LuvU4Ever is based on a giant misunderstanding and David soon sets Noelle right with a perfect gift. LuvU4Ever is one short story I would recommend to all lovers of romance!"

Free! Just for YOU.

Bestselling Author Karen Kelley —"I devoured this story. The emotions tugged at my heartstrings and didn’t let go until the very end. Fantastic story!"

Amazon Reviewer — "It's a lovely story about a couple falling out of love - when things look like they're falling apart, we get our twist and a HEA! Makes you "awww!" and believe in true love!"

Amazon Reviewer — "What a wonderful short story. It is amazing the conclusions we can jump to and what lack of communication can do to a marriage. What a great story. Perfect for a quick get-away from reality!"

Takeaway Truth

Get your free copy of LuvU4Ever today. Indie Authors like me appreciate your buying our books and posting reviews. Happy Indie Author Day!

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