Still Alive But Disgruntled

Hello, world!

Since several asked how my chiropractic treatment was going, I thought I'd take this opportunity to blog about it.

This is kind of a good news/bad news thing.

Good News #1

My thoracic and lumbar vertebra that were out of alignment are holding the adjustment and staying in place for the most part in between appointments so that's a definite improvement even though there's associated muscle ache because the muscles have been used to being in a different position because of misalignment.

Bad News #1

The C2 vertebra which has the sole purpose of allowing your head to rotate side to side—simply won't stay in place. When it "pops out" I get excruciating pain in the back of my neck on the left side and down through my shoulder to the mid-back area.

This is because I've lived with it being out of place for the last couple of years so the muscles are accustomed to it being in a certain position. Just turning over in bed is enough to make it "pop out" and if you're a restless sleeper as I am, that means it's a certainty that it will pop out during the night.

Good News #2

Well, sort of good news.

If I can get the C2 to stay in place for 7 - 10 days, the muscles will "learn" the new position, so to speak, and will probably hold it in place.

Bad News #2

AGHHHH! (That's a scream of frustration in case you don't know.)

There's almost no way I can go longer than 2 days before C2 pops out.

Yesterday, it was pushed back into place. Today it's out. So now I have to deal with the pain until I go back to the doctor on Monday.

Good News #3

I've followed doctor's orders and stayed off the computer—mostly—for almost 3 weeks. I've determined that it's not working on the computer that's causing my extreme pain in neck and left shoulder. It's that damned C2 vertebra.

At least I know what causes the pain now, and it's not being at the computer. I will admit that spending hours on end at a computer probably doesn't help.

Bad News #3

I'm PO'd, disgruntled and wearing my cranky pants because I'm SO behind on everything after almost 3 weeks of being offline.

So I decided an hour ago that I might as well get back online and start playing that over-achievement game of Catch Up.

I won't even begin griping about the cost of a special pillow and a cervical Elasto Gel support.

I'm back at work but I won't be spending endless hours without a break at the computer. Behavior modification starts now.

Takeaway Truth

I'd rather be a warrior, not a worrier, even if my attitude is fueled by frustration and low-grade anger.

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