Review: Unlocked

If you're a fan of movies where strong women make hard decisions, I've got a winner for you.

I you like women she-roes who are just as formidable—and believable in the role—as male heroes, this is the movie for you.

You'll love watching Noomi Rapce as Alice Racine, a woman fully capable of taking care of herself and strong enough to see the big picture and try to save the world.

You're going to love Unlocked. It's an Amazon Prime Video new release.

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Stellar Cast
  • Noomi Rapace as Alice Racine, scarred by a horrific tragedy in her past.
  • Orlando Bloom as Jack Alcott, a strong-armed character willing to bang heads.
  • Toni Collette, sporting a platinum buzz cut, as MI6 leader Emily Knowles.
  • John Malkovich as Machiavellian CIA lead, Bob Hunter.
  • Michael Douglas, another Machiavellian character, as Racine's mentor, Eric Lasch.
My Take

Since I first saw Noomi Rapace in the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, she's been a "must watch" favorite. She's an amazing actress and isn't afraid of taking on difficult roles. This one is no exception.

Takeaway Truth

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