Review: How to Make the World a Better Place for Women

If I'd been on top of my game, I'd have published this review in May when all the young people were graduating from high school and college.

How to Make the World a Better Place for Women in Five Minutes a Day by Donna Jackson isn't just for girls.

It's a "must read" for everyone, especially boys and men.

Hey, Dads and Moms, if we want the world to be better, safer place for our daughters, we've got to change attitudes about what kind of behavior toward women is acceptable.

Those commercials on TV with all the actors saying, "Boys will be boys," in an effort to spotlight the way male behavior is excused just aren't enough.

This small book—only 147 pages—was published in 1992. Way back then, it was a spotlight on Sexism in the Media, Sexual Harassment and Sexist Comments, Violence Against Women, and all the other issues that still plague our culture.

Want to check and see if you, the adult male, are guilty of what so many women put up with in the workplace? Read this book.

Takeaway Truth

Knowledge is power. Educate your children so they're a positive force in the world.

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