Thursday3Some: 3 Effective Blog Tips

Want to know 3 ways to quickly improve your viewer stats? These 3 ways are easy and can be implemented immediately.

I see a lot of elements on other blogs that could be improved. Most are simple changes that can quickly increase readership.

3 Effective Blog Tips To Do Now

1. Update your content regularly.

In blogging, more is more. The more new content you have, the better because internet blog readers always want something new. If you're fresh out of ideas, go back to posts written years ago and refresh them by adding more information or restating your points in a more effective way.

2. Use headlines that hook readers.

Headlines are like book titles. You want something that evokes something in the reader, i.e., curiosity, emotion, excitement, etc. A good headline should be short yet long enough to make the reader curious, give a hint of what the post is about, and make them have to read the first sentence.

3. Write in short paragraphs.

Internet readers read "vertically" with their eyes scanning down the text looking for the salient points. Today, many read blogs on mobile devices.

Long blocks of text overwhelms the eye. In fact, it's hard for readers to keep going when faced with that. So make your paragraphs short.

Takeaway Truth

Reading on electronic devices is nothing like reading print on paper. Adapt or be left behind.