Konmari Vs. The Zone Vs. Whatever

By now, you've heard of The Konmari Method said to be designed to optimize joy.

The KonMari method is essentially in 2 parts: discarding and sorting.

You pile everything you own in a heap on the floor then go through and get rid of more than half of everything, or so iy seems. I guess it works because you have less than half to keep up with.

The Zone Method is to divide your living space into zones. One zone is for working, one for entertainment, one for cooking and dining, etc.

With each zone, your goal is to simplify what's in it, organize, and optimize the space efficiently. For instance, in your office, don't look at it as a whole to begin with. Look first at the desk. Organize what's on it and each drawer in it.

Do the same with your computer. Go through the files, organize, discard, and shred paper copies. When you finish with the work zone, move to the next zone.

Bottom Line

However and whatever you decide to do to de-clutter and organize, it all begins with a decision. Decide to do something.

Pick a method or figure out your own to organize your environment so you'll work more effectively, feel happier about how you spend your time, and end up in a better situation.

Takeaway Truth

Once the decision is made, immediately take action—one step to move in the direction of your goal. That taking action part is really important because it tells your subconscious that you're resolved.

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