Discover Your Happiness Autopilot

Have you heard of a Happiness Autopilot?

I read an article about research done at Duke University. It all has to do with habits.

I had an English teacher who was fond of quoting Benjamin Franklin who said: "In the beginning, man makes the habit. In the end, habits make the man."

Researchers found that more than 40% of a person's daily actions are habits that use no decision-making brain power. If you think about it, you realize that's totally true.

The researchers suggested taking 1 of the non-thinking activities and adding something small to it. Here are some ideas to get you started. Pick one and try it.

If you're successful, try adding another.

1. When you wake up in the morning, stretch and think of a memory that makes you happy. Recall every sensation of that memory. How things smelled, how it felt, etc. Let the memory wash over you.

2. When you wash your face and pat it dry, smile and tell yourself that it's going to be a wonderful day. Focus your thoughts on that affirmation.

3. When you get in bed at night, take a few minutes to think of one good thing that happened during your day and dwell on it.

4. Look at a photo of someone you love and let the feeling of that love wash over you.

Takeaway Truth

These tactics are supposed to create the habit of happiness, in effect, putting yourself on Happiness Autopilot.

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  1. I simply adore this!!!! Gonna put it into practice starting today. Thanks, Joan!