2nd Chance Reads

This is how I feel at the end of most days. *LOL*
I have a hard time keeping up with  all the great content on the Internet.

Sometimes, the flood of information is overwhelming.

Even though I subscribe to several blogs, I end up saving the emails about the posts until I have time to read them.

I'm thinking a lot of you are like me—too busy to take a few minutes here and there to read a daily post.

With that thought in mind, I try to do a monthly recap and spotlight posts I think might be interesting to you.

January Posts: 2nd Chance Reads

For Writers

Recommended Promo Sites for 2019 by Nicholas Erik

7 Pieces of Wisdom Writers Need to Heed

A Guide to Getting More Reader Reviews by BookBub

How to Kickstart Your Book Now by Book Marketing Buzz Blog

Is Amazon Rejecting Your Reader Reviews (Lots of popups but worth plowing through)

10 Biggest Book Marketing Mistakes by David Gaughan on BookBub

The 21 Foot Principle by The Truth About Guns (Writing about guns? Get it right.)

Racking the Slide by The Well-Armed Woman (Women writing about guns? Get it right.)


Benefits of Flaxseed Fiber from Science Daily

Natural Relief for Itchy Eyes

Unfamiliar Words Not Blue Text Slows Reading of Hypertext

News for Patients With Parkinson's from Science Daily

Why Improving Yourself Isn't Easy from Psychology Today

Takeaway Truth

Great content is timeless. Hope some of these posts help you.

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