How To Copy a Tweet Link & Share

I'm writing tutorials for people who are just getting into social media.

These are basic lessons so if you know someone who isn't an old pro at social media, direct them to these tutorials.

Trust me, they'll appreicate it.

Today's lesson is how to find the URL, or link, from a Tweet you made so you can share it with someone.

It's really very easy. In fact, took longer to write up the process than to actually do it.

How to Find, Copy, & Use a Tweet Link

1. Look at a tweet. See the 3 dots at the bottom? Click those 3 dots.

2. A window opens with these options:
  • Embed this tweet
  • Copy link to this tweet
  • Share via Direct Message
  • Share via email
  • Tweet to @JoanReeves (this name will be whoever posted the tweet)
  • Send a Direct Message
  • Add or Remove from Lists
  • Add to Collection
  • See who quoted this Tweet
  • Delete
3. Select Copy Link to this Tweet.

A new window opens that says: " The URL of this Tweet is below. Copy to easily share with colleagues and friends."

4. You'll see the Tweet Link is already filled into a box. Next to it you'll see: "Copy Link." Click that, and it's copied to your clipboard.

Follow Me on Twitter
Here's one I just copied.

5. Highlight it and click Control+C to copy it then go paste it into the address bar of your browser by hitting Control+V then hit return.

6. Twitter website opens with this tweet displayed. You'll see this is a tweet I made with a video embedded.

7. Below the tweet are 4 icons.
  • speech bubble - click that and a box opens for you to tweet a message
  • couple of arrows pointing at each other -- click that and a box opens for you to RT
  • heart - click that and it shows you loved the tweet
  • 3 vertical lines - click that and it gives you activity stats with a "Get Started" button which if you click leads you through setting up an ad for the tweet.
8. Just select the arrows icon to Retweet. The tweet will then pop up in your twitter stream, and all your followers can see it then.

Takeaway Truth

Not everyone is a social media expert. It's good to explain things to those who may be just starting out.

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