31 Days of New Thinking: 2 Days' Worth

We are the product of our thoughts. Many people aren't happy with who or what they are.

Change is hard. I've always thought that if someone wants to change then he/she must change their thoughts.

The Bible says this several times. For instance, in Proverbs 23:7: "As someone thinks within himself, so he is."

All the motivational speakers say the same thing in their own way. Even Bruce Lee, the most renowned martial artist, said: "As you think, so shall you become."

Before the New Year began, I'd planned a series I call: 31 Days of New Thinking. I wrote down several "truths" I believe.

I wanted to share this with everyone because I believe if you think better thoughts, you'll get better results, maybe be a better person, and certainly be happier.

But Family Comes First

However, my loved ones continue having medical problems so I've not taken the time to be consistent with blogging or posting to Facebook. In fact, my thoughts seem to be caught in an endless loop of prayer and hopeful affirmations.

Now, with the new year underway, I have new deadlines and new books to get started on. I need to break that loop that's frozen me into inactivity.

I decided to post a couple of the "truths" I came up with each day until I catch up. Maybe these will help someone who is struggling in some way. I know they help me.

January 1 - A person who never made a mistake is a person who never did anything.

When you're feeling scared about doing something out of your comfort zone, repeat that to yourself however many times you need to so that you will leap into the unknown.

January 2 - If today is bad, I believe steadfastly that tomorrow will be better. Believing that will help get me through today.

This thought has helped get me through many difficult days in my life. When things look blackest, I say that to myself.

Takeaway Truth

I hope you'll enjoy 31 Days of New Thinking. Change the way you think so you can make changes in yourself and your world.

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