Review: DesignCap, An Online Poster & Flyer Maker

Poster I made with DesignCap
I'm always interested in websites that offer free online graphic design services. Several weeks ago, a representative from DesignCap contacted me and asked me to review their graphic design app.

It's been such a crazy autumn, but I finally had time to cruise around DesignCap, billed as an online poster and flyer maker,  and check them out.

Why Review So Many

Yes, there are other apps out there like BookBrush, Canva, Vectr, etc. Each offers something for the DIY graphic designer.

What one may love about one of these online apps, another may dislike. That's why I try to profile all of them and encourage you to try them and find the one that suits your needs and is user friendly for you.

Key Features

DesignCap is free and offers these key features:

(1) Hundreds of poster and flyer templates

(2) Thousands of resources including clipart images, shapes, fonts, and backgrounds

(3) Fully customizable to help your design be unique

(4) Convenient and quick: no download or registration required (but I urge you to register so you'll be first to know about new features).

(5) Written, step by step instructions that are concise and clearly understandable--some of the best I've seen. Screenshots included.

(6) Ability to download the image you created in sizes from small to extra-large.
posters for promoting events and giving presentations.

Try DesignCap yourself. It's intuitive and easy to use and very similar to the design setup of BookBrush. If you have difficulty, go to the written instructions.

I quickly made the poster for Brianna's Season for Miracles (only 99cents for the first week of its release) and used a combination of apps.

I created the 3D image of the cover with BookBrush and used it as the photo for the poster. The pink rose background came from DesignCap as did the embellishments of the tag at the upper left corner and the starburst at the lower right corner. Easy peasy to do, and I think it looks great, don't you?

Question of the Day: Whether for personal use of business, are you a DIY graphic artist? If so, what kind of designs do you make?

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Takeaway Truth

I think you'll like DesignCap. Give it a try and let me know.

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