Farewell, President George H. W. Bush

Official portrait. George H.W. Bush 1989
Today was an emotional one for most of us in the Houston area. Our President George H. W. Bush was laid to rest next to Barbara and daughter Robin on the grounds of the Bush Library at Texas A&M.

One of our sons is an Aggie, and he always calls that part of Texas "God's Country."

My husband and I always admired "41" because he had the guts to do what needed to be done--not what was popular with voters. He lived what he believed.

Emotional Days

We couldn't seem to not watch every moment that unfolded from last weekend through this evening.
We watched every service from the one in Washington to the one at St. Martin's Episcopal to the final one at A&M. Watching the train carrying him from the station in Spring to College Station was especially moving.

So many Americans came to pay their respects. Despite the light rain and the cold temperatures, people lined the railroad tracks and the adjacent highways as the train went through all the small towns and rural areas between Houston and College Station.

Many saluted--some with hands over hearts, others with a military salute. Flags waved. Men and women shed tears. As the train made its way through towns, silence fell over the crowds.

This was George Herbert Walker Bush.
I wonder sometimes if there will ever be another president like George Herbert Walker Bush.

Many broadcasters say he was the end of an era. I guess that's true.

It's rather sad that there aren't other politicians who can see the virtues of both sides of an argument, respect the opposition, and come up with a compromise from all concerned parties for the good of the American people.

If anyone wants to know how a President should act, he or she has only to look at Mr. Bush's life and career.

He knew how to be presidential, no schoolyard bully tactics for him. He also knew how to treat everyone, from a waiter to a head of state, with respect.

Takeaway Truth

The world has lost a good man--a great man. Yet, I know he's at peace with his beloved wife and daughter.

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