5 Rules for Happiness in 2019

Got your bubbly ready? Toast your friends and loved ones then share this with them.

5 Rules for Happiness in 2019

1. Never take advice from anyone who's more screwed up than you.

Always ask yourself if the person dishing out the advice is living life more effectively than you. If not, smile, nod, and ignore what they say. Unless what they tell you is based upon their own bad experience from which they've learned a better way

2. Learn from others who have been where you want to go.

Model their behavior. Find out how they did it and adapt their method to your efforts. Unless the way they achieved it was dishonest. You can't model negative behavior without far-reaching consequences.

3. Stop working hard--learn to work effectively instead.

Unless you assess your efforts and realize you really aren't working hard--you're just giving lip service to the idea of working hard.

4. Enjoy yourself more.

Unless you're already spending way too much time in the pursuit of pleasure. You have to have a good balance between hard, effective work and play. Too much of either will upset your happiness quotient.

5. Change your attitude about work.

The more you see work as something exciting and fun, the less your brain links work to unpleasantness.

Good: Work = Fun.

Bad: Work = Pain.

Those who love what they're doing have an easier time succeeding because the more you enjoy something; the less it seems like work. This formula is a winner: Love + Work = Happiness.

Takeaway Truth

Invest time, energy, and brain power in a worthwhile goal. Happy New Year! Pass me a glass of champagne.

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