Saturday Share: 4 Pages A Website Must Have

If you do business online, whether you're selling wingnuts or books, you need a website.

That website, whether it's a dot com home or a blog, needs to have 4 basic pages.

This isn't difficult, and it can be as simple or as complex as you choose.

The important thing is to get those basic pages in place so visitors will know who you are, what you're offering, and how to get in touch with you. Ideally, you'll have these pages in place before you "open for business."

The Homepage

Some may think a Homepage is the same as a Landing Page. It is very similar, but there are differences.

Some of the same information can be used on both pages, but a landing page is about the product, service, or the offer.

The Homepage is the door or portal into your website. This starting page opens when someone clicks your URL.

It should contain a short welcoming note, your photo, your short bio, easy navigation links to the other pages, your social links, your mailing list subscription box, and perhaps your current book cover.


This page is a chance to give more information about you the website or blog owner. Also include your social links and your mailing list signup form. This can be considered an informal press kit so bloggers, reviewers, etc. can glean facts about you.


Here's your chance to display your books: cover, title, blurb, buy links, excerpt or a link to read more, and your mailing list signup box again.


Please, please include a Contact Page. There is nothing more irritating to a visitor than to wish to get in touch with the website owner and not having a way to contact the author. Include an email address, snail mail address, social media links, and a mailing list signup box.

Takeaway Truth

That's all you need. Do you have those 4 pages on your website?

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