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Okay, I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but I wanted to share something I read recently about copyright.

Most people who are NOT writers don't understand why the rights granted to an author under copyright law are so important.

Too many people don't understand why illegally downloading a book, song, or software isn't just illegal but also killing making it impossible for those with creative careers to pay their bills.

Why should you pay for someone's creative work? I saw this quote in my Authors Guild magazine.

"Opponents of rigorous copyright protection say, writers will write anyway [without that protection]. That's like saying somebody likes to bake, so when they open a bakeshop, why does anyone need to pay for the cookies and cakes?" ~ Mary Rasenerger

I'll answer the question posed in Ms. Rasenerger's quote. Because if you don't pay, the baker will go broke and get a different kind of job where they can get paid.

Takeaway Truth

If writers and musicians can't make a living wage with their creative works, then they'll stop doing that and get a job that gives them a way to pay the rent and put food on the table.

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