New Month, New Box Sets

Yep. That's a wrap, folks. I'm talking about October. It came. It went.

I barely noticed because I was inundated with family crises and spent most of the month out of the office.

My dear sister-in-law who spent most of September hospitalized is home and improving so I'm back in the office.

Thrilled To Return to Status Quo

In the meantime, I mostly missed the excitement of our Love, Christmas 2: Holiday Movies collection hitting the USA Today Bestseller list.

Love, Christmas 2: Holiday Movies now has 88 reviews averaging 4.8 stars.

My book in the holiday collection is Brianna's Season for Miracles.

A Reviewer said this about Brianna's Season for Miracles:

"...this one happens to include one of my favorite authors Joan Reeves. Just finished Ms. Reeves contribution: Brianna’s Season For Miracles. It’s a charming, inspiring story.

"Brianna Walker is a beautiful, intelligent woman whose confidence has been crushed by a childhood stigma. She was let down, not only by the system but her wealthy parents as well, and she spent her youth living down to everyone else’s expectations. She’s managed to turn her life around, but the past comes calling. It’s the holidays, and her widower father wants her to come to the family ranch in West Texas. Her return home after years of estrangement is not what she expected, however. Things have changed, and the addition of sexy house guest Daniel Kelly is disconcerting if intriguing. Daniel is a published author, there ostensibly to do research and write. Yet his presence is not all it seems.

"As I was reading two things struck me. Small town West Texas is an iconic Christmas setting, a bit like stepping into another more tranquil, pastoral time. Snow drifts and horse drawn sleighs and hot chocolate chip cookies from the oven. My favorites. The other was-at least for me-the theme of the story, the all-too-common angst that exists in families and how it’s highlighted during the holidays. Who hasn’t had to deal with that? The romance is front and center, of course, but there’s healing going on, forgiveness. I Love multi-layered stories, not always easy to do in a novelette’s shorter format, but Ms. Reeves delivers in spades."

Love, Christmas 2: Holiday Movies is only 99cents so if you haven't grabbed this bargain of 26 all-new holiday romances, don't wait. Get it today for the weekend.

Breaking News

The latest news is the publication of Sweet and Sassy Suspense: Deceptions and Romance on October 31--yesterday! (The year seems to be passing at warp speed.)

Seven sweet and sassy suspense novels from NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Suspense, intrigue, crime, secrets, deception, and lies--even some sassy, sexy humor too! That's what Sweet and Sassy Suspense: Deceptions and Romance is, and each story has a strong heroine yearning to find love with her heroes.

This collection is only 99cents to buy and keep forever, or read for free if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

My contribution to Sweet and Sassy Suspense: Deceptions and Romance is The Trouble With Love.

Southern Yankee Book Review said this about The Trouble With Love:

"HOT, HOT, HOT, with a side of funny! I enjoyed this book for quite a few reasons. First, I loved the characters and how there were multiple relationships showcased. Susannah and her mother Rory both have issues when it comes to love and they may both be wrong. Then there is that little almost one night stand Susannah had with the man standing in the little town's police station, where she just happens to work. Hogan is a hot as can be 'consultant' or is he? There is heat, passion, forgiveness, trust issues, and lots of fun."

Catch You Later

I've spent the last couple of days combing through a few thousand emails. Maybe I can actually read the hundred that need replies this weekend. *g*

If you're not snowed under the way I am, grab these collections and have some reading fun.

Takeaway Truth

Wishing you a fabulous weekend. I'm back to blogging so you can look for a new post from me every day.

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