Don't Exercise? Better Start

Wouldn't it be great if most illness could be prevented by nutrition and exercise?

That may be a real possibility in the future. More and more studies show that diet and exercise are the way to good health and the fountain of youth.

Americans and Fitness

1. 30 to 40% of heart attacks are preventable by 20 minutes a day of brisk walking.

2. Every year, 260,000 deaths in the U. S. are attributed to a lack of physical activity.

3. 31 million of adults 50 and over are not physically active.

Thing About Yoga

In the U. S., about 36 million Americans practice yoga, and 39% of those who practice yoga are over 50.  What can yoga do for you?

1. Improve balance.

2. Improve flexibility.

3. Increase memory and focus.

4. Decrease anxiety and reduce stress.

5. Do it before bedtime, and sleep better at night.

6. Ease back pain.

7. Relieve frequency and intensity of headaches.

8. Breathe better.

9. Slow the aging process.

10. Curb neck pain.

Have you tried yoga?

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Takeaway Truth

Yoga classes are offered everywhere, and there are books, DVDs, and videos on YouTube. Check it out.

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