Saturday Share: Websites With Great Content

I want to share the LUV and direct you to some of the websites to which I subscribe.

Some of these are author/writing focused, but most are of interest to other entrepreneurs, or they're informative and interesting to anyone who uses the internet. 

These websites/blogs are always full of good content—web resources, links, articles, all kinds of goodies.

Be sure and subscribe when you find a website you like. Great content is available on the internet—the trick is discovering it. I hope this post helps you find a few treasures.

Make Use Of

Each email newsletter from MakeUseOf offers their usual variety of articles about Social Media, Android, Linux, Tech Reviews, Internet, Entertainment, Windows, Productivity, DIY, and Giveaways.

I won't give all of the articles and links—just the ones I clicked on.

How to Finally Detoxify your Facebook News Feed.

Quickly Improve Your Handwriting. Think handwriting is passe? Think again!

Review: Reolink Argus Pro 100% Wireless Security Cam That Never Needs Charging (Giveaway!) and 4 Ways to Factory Reset Your Windows Computer.

This Day In History

A great resource when you can't think of anything about which to blog.

Nicholas C. Rossis Blog

This blog is focused primarily on helping authors with their book marketing efforts and at sharing what he has learned. For readers, he offers free stories.

Bakerview Consulting

Need help with the business and/or technical aspects of running an online business. The content on this website is aimed at authors and entrepreneurs with a different product. Check out this blog from Barb Drozdowich's Bakerview Consulting. Then visit Barb's website Resources Page for even more information.

Book Marketing Buzz Blog

Aimed at authors, this blog covers book publishing and news media, "revealing creative ideas, practical strategies, interesting stories, and provocative opinions." Great information from a two-decades veteran of book publishing publicity and marketing.

Covers Sell Books

If you're marketing books online, CoversSellBooks is one of the best and easiest to use websites for graphics. I can see how Covers Sell Books could easily be used for products other than books.

I made this graphic at the right using Covers Sell Books. Authors if you haven't signed up for one of their plans, you're really missing the boat.

Takeaway Truth

When you find a website that has great content, share the LUV and tell others about it. If you know of a great website for authors or a general interest resource, describe it in 1 sentence in comments and leave the link.


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