About Finishing Things

Hurray! I finished the latest draft of my book. Now I'm leaving it alone to "distance" myself from it.

In a few days, I'll read it and see if more edits are needed. Once it's finalized, I'll get it proofed and formatted. After that I can email it off and check that task off my To Do list.

When I start a book, I'm convinced it's an impossible task--even though I've done it many times before.

Finishing something that seems impossible is the best feeling in the world. Writing just never gets easy so I am euphoric when I type THE END.

Here's a short, sweet post to celebrate. (Actually, it's short and sweet because I'm too tired to do anything else.)

Quotations About Finishing

"If you're having trouble finishing a book, it might be that you're trying to fix it as you go. Just finish the story, no matter how terrible you think that first draft is. Then let it cool off. In other words, don't look at it for a while. Then you can rewrite it." ~ Kimberly Willis Holt

Absolutely true!!

“Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Very wise.

"Writing is a craft and, like all craft, proceeds by stages: conception, material selection, rough shaping, detailed shaping, sanding and finishing." ~ Richard Rhodes

I love the sanding and finishing best of all.

“Writers often torture themselves trying to get the words right. Sometimes you must lower your expectations and just finish it.” ~ Don Roff

You'll never get the words write until you finish--then you edit to get the words right.

I think, with most writers, their neurosis is finishing things. I have a different neurosis. I'm terribly anxious when it's not finished. Then I become really difficult to live with. ~ Theresa Rebeck

That's me. I can't think of anything until the book is finished.

Takeaway Truth

That's it--short and sweet.

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