6 Dumb Things People Do in Horror Movies

I watched a couple of horror movies on Netflix recently which inspired today's list.

6 Dumb Things People Do In Horror Movies

1. Go into creepy basements, attics, or wherever the evil--paranormal or psycho--resides.

2. Never make sure a flashlight has new batteries before going into the basement, attic, etc.

3. Never tell police, your BFF, or your Mom and Dad that you think someone is stalking you.

4. Never share information even though the other people in the story might be saved if only you'd spoken.

5. Go into a haunted house, abandoned hospital, or asylum because the boyfriend wants to make out there.

6. Women make irrational decisions thus becoming TSTL (Too Stupid To Live).

Takeaway Truth

Oh, I should have made this a list of 7 things. I forgot this one. People so frozen in fear they can't run, fight, or react; they can only scream, run, flail about, and fall down.

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