Sunday Inspiration: To Succeed, Work With Affirmations

Change your life by changing your thoughts.

Sure, it takes hard work to change your thoughts. One way to effect change is to pick one thing and focus on that. Work on changing that one thing.

A lot of people work with affirmations. They don't just read it once and get on with their day.

They work with that affirmation to change themselves from the inside out. Here's a way to make the kind of changes you need to be happy and successful.

Working With Affirmations

1. Create a strong, positive affirmation.

Wrong: I want to have confidence in my own power.

An affirmation must be a strong positive statement, written as if you've already achieved that condition. Fake it until you make it, baby!

Right: I have full confidence in my own power to achieve and succeed.

2. Inundate your consciousness with your carefully-designed affirmation.
  • Write your carefully-designed affirmation on several 3x5 index cards or pieces of paper.
  • Tape those cards up where you see them throughout the day. One on your bathroom mirror, one on the window or cabinet above the kitchen sink, one on your computer monitor. If you work away from home, tape one to the inside of your desk drawer, put one on your computer monitor unless it's not allowed, frame one and put it on your desk, place one in your purse. messenger bag, or briefcase so you see it when you open your bag,put one in the cupholder of your vehicle so you can read it before you start the engine and after you arrive and cut the engine.
  • Get a journal--nothing fancy--because you'll use it to write your affirmation 10 times every morning and 10 times before you go to sleep at night.
  • Silently say your affirmation as you fall asleep--your own NeuroLinguistic Programming.
  • Do this every day for 1 month.
  • During the month you work with your affirmation, take note of the times you are challenged to do something scary or overwhelming. Become aware of your mental reaction to those events. After a couple of weeks, you may find yourself silently saying, "I have full confidence in my own power to achieve and succeed."

  • When the week is up, give yourself a mental checkup. Do you feel more optimistic? Did you accomplish something you didn't think you could do? Do you think it changed you for the better?
  • Use the information you glean from your mental checkup to proceed with a new affirmation in the next month. If you still need to work on the same area of your attitude, create a different affirmation. If you feel that you experienced positive change in that area and have a new way of thinking, then choose another area to work on.
Takeaway Truth

Change takes consistent, persistent work, but becoming self-confident is worth the time and effort. Get started today.

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