Striving To Be Perfect? No Way!

I've often been accused of being a perfectionist. Maybe I was once upon a time, but life will cure you of that trend if you're lucky enough to become a parent.

I often say parenthood taught me to be patient. It also taught me to surrender the notion that I, or my home, or my life, could be perfect.

That's good thing because life isn't perfect. It's messy and complicated and confusing much of the time. If you wait for life to be perfect before you try something hard, you'll never get out of the starting gate.

A lot of people want to achieve something amazing in their life, but they keep waiting for life to get easy or less complicated or better in some way or other. They want everything to be perfect before they try. If you keep waiting to get all your ducks in a row, you'll grow old and gray before those quackers are lined up.

Perfect is a myth, and it's a major blockade to achievement. Life will never be perfect--not even halfway perfect. There may not ever be a better time so take action today to achieve something amazing.

Takeaway Truth

The World doesn’t reward Perfectionists. It rewards Finishers. Get started now.

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