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Good morning! What a fabulous Wednesday it will be.

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming my friend Amber Daulton, one of my Glass Slipper Sisters, to SlingWords.

About Amber Daulton

Writing is the fruit of happiness, and Amber Daulton lives her life by that one belief even though she normally isn’t so Zen.

As a fan of contemporary, paranormal, and historical romance novels alike, she can’t get enough of feisty heroines and alpha heroes. Her mind is a wonderland of adventure, laughter, and awesome ways of kicking a guy when he’s down.

She probably wouldn’t be too sane without her computer and notebooks. After all, what’s a girl to do when people are jabbering away in her head and it’s hard to shut them up? Write! Nothing else works.

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Take 5 with Amber Daulton, Author of Arresting Mason

Q: What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to food and drink?

Amber: I absolutely love Mountain Dew and fruity flavors of ice cream. When it comes to the cold, yummy goodness, however, I prefer to combine a few scoops each of strawberry and peaches-and-cream into a bowl and then drizzle chocolate syrup all over the ice cream. That’s nirvana for me!

Q: What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to books?

Amber: Bad boys and tortured heroes! You know the kind. Any story with a bad-mouthed, tattooed, extremely buff, and infuriatingly sexy hero is my kind of story, but usually I lean more toward books written in third person, not first. In any case, give me sexy and dirty any day of the week!

Q: What kind of promotion do you enjoy the most?

Amber: I love character interviews. It’s so much fun for me to step back into my favorite character’s shoes (usually the hero’s) and let him answer questions about life, love, and mayhem.

Q: Have you ever cast anyone you actively dislike as a villain in your books?

Amber: Not completely. I sometimes pick the most negative or annoying qualities from my family members and give those poor attributes to my characters, but I’ve never modeled a character in full from a real life person.

Q: What is your biggest goal this year?

Amber: Arresting Mason, Book 1, Arresting Onyx Series, just came out in April 2018. The other four books in the series are already done, but I want to go through and edit them again before I submit them to my editor at The Wild Rose Press. Each book will probably take a month or so to go through. I’ve already started on book 2, and I’m anxious to get the publishing ball rolling for that book.

Arresting Mason
Book 1, Arresting Onyx Series

Once you’re in a prison gang, you’re in it for life. That’s what Mason Harding thought until the boss accepted his resignation.

After the State releases him on parole, a sexy divorcĂ©e behind the wheel of a car almost ends his life quicker than a shank. His chance encounter with Mia Eddison results in a night of passion, but her brother—his parole officer—catches them together and doesn’t approve.

Mia falls hard for the sexy ex-con, but not because of his chiseled body. She vows to break through his walls and discover his secrets, but never expects those secrets to threaten her life. 

When members of an organized crime ring kidnap Mia to force Mason’s return to the gang, he goes up against an old friend to save the woman he loves. Will his sacrifice be enough or will everything fall apart in a blaze of gunfire?

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Takeaway Truth

If you're looking for an edgy, sexy contemporary romance, be sure and check out Arresting Mason by Amber Daulton.

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