Saturday Share: Summer Grapefruit Salad

I've been away from home a lot since the second week in May so I haven't been cooking much.

Now it's so hot I don't want to cook so I take the easy way out as often as possible.

One thing I especially enjoy in the summer is a good salad so that is definitely part of every meal.

Several days each week, I get Darling Hubby to grill some chicken and finish the meal with a big salad bowl.

Salad doesn't have to be limited to greens, tomatoes, and whatever else you put into it. I'm adventurous when it comes to salad. Greens, tomatoes, dried cranberries, pecans, strawberries, oranges--whatever dried or fresh fruit I have on hand along with pecans or almonds or sunflower seeds.
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A fruit salad pairs especially well with grilled chicken, and this refreshing grapefruit salad is really fabulous with it.

You can take luscious fresh red grapefruit, and peel and section them. I used to do that. It's a tedious messy job.

There's no denying that fresh grapefruit is better for you, but, frankly I never have the time to deal with fresh grapefruit.

So I take the easier alternative which is the large containers of Del Monte Sun Fresh Red Grapefruit Sections which you'll find in the refrigerated section of the produce aisle.

You can buy this grapefruit in 2 different versions: packed in light syrup made with sugar or No Sugar Added.

We are a household that avoids artificial sugar because of all the research that shows there's nothing good about them. Rather than help one lose weight, research shows that artificial sweeteners can actually make you gain weight.

So we go for the sugar added container. If you have health conditions that indicate otherwise, choose the No Sugar version.

Summer Grapefruit Salad


* Del Monte Sun Fresh Red Grapefruit Sections (

* Fresh mint leaves, washed

* Del Monte SunFresh Red Grapefruit


* Add the grapefruit including the juice--about 3/4 cup per person--to a pretty serving bowl.

* Use about 1 tablespoon mint leaves per serving. If you love mint, use more. If you think the aroma and flavor are too strong, use less. Every person is different. Lightly crush the mint leaves to bring out the aroma.

* Add the mint to the bowl of grapefruit and stir.

* Refrigerate the grapefruit salad until you're ready to serve. This makes a delicious salad that's almost like a palate cleanser. It also makes a wonderful light dessert to end the meal if you have something heartier than chicken--like a grilled steak.

Takeaway Truth

Light, fat free, and low calorie--even if you choose the sugar added grapefruit--this summery salad dessert is an easy way too add more fruit to one's diet.

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