Quick Lesson On Novel Writing + Giveaway

A lot of people begin writing by the seat of their pants. They just sit down and start keying in the words as they see the story unfolding.

There's not anything wrong with this if you are the rare genius who instinctively has a command of the basic elements of a novel.

If you already know where your story is going and how to get through the middle and to the end, then you'll probably end up with a focused story.

If you don't know these things, you'll stall out after about 50 pages or less.

The reason this happens is that beginning writers don't realize a novel must be structured and contain the basic elements of a novel if it is to be successful. Every story ever told must have these elements.

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Basic Elements of a Novel

From the simplest to the most complex, from the shortest to the longest, a novel is:

(1) a structured story

Yes, at the very minimum you must know the beginning, the middle, and the end and the turning points in the story that move it along.

(2) about an appealing or fascinating character

The best scenario is to make the character someone the reader roots for from the very beginning.

Who wants to read about a character who's a totally jerk wad? Unless the story is about the jerk wad growing as a person and becoming someone the reader does like and does root for.

(3) struggling against great odds

Yes, those great odds comprise the conflict with which so many writers struggle. Why must there be conflict in a story? Because it's the fuel that propels the story from scene to scene.

In real life, people are motivated by two things: the desire to feel pleasure and the desire to avoid pain.

Of those two desires, the desire to avoid pain is stronger. Use that information to dish out the pain, or conflict, to your characters and then let them do everything in their power to deal with the conflict in order to avoid the pain offered by their specific challenges.

Sometimes, you'll have your characters chase after pleasure as a way to avoid pain.

(4) to achieve a worthy goal

Yes, each story has a goal which most believably belongs to the main character. Set that goal early on in your story so your reader can latch onto it and know what the stakes are.

You want the reader wondering if the hero will find the kidnapped woman before the bad guy kills her.

You want the reader wondering if the heroine can repay the bank loan before the bank forecloses on the family home.

My latest book is Second Chance Bride. He's the only man she wants—and the one man she can never have. If you read my new release, look for the story goal.

Takeaway Truth

Remember, every story ever told must have these elements: structure, character, conflict, and story goal.

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  2. I have 2 ideas for a story, and so far, only have 2 sentences finished. Need to figure out a way to keep family/distractions at bay. (I live in Alaska, so no need to enter me in the contest, just wanted to respond and say thanks for your blog)