Review: DesignEvo Free Online Logo Maker

Image created in 5 minutes as 1st time user
Even authors sometimes have the need for a logo. I have a few I've designed for myself and for this blog.

Recently, I received an email from Sophia, a Partnership Manager of PearlMountain, to inform me about one of their free online tools, DesignEvo.

I was asked to review their software for inclusion on my blog since it's advertised as an "easy to use online logo maker."

Even though most readers of SlingWords aren't looking for logo making software, many are looking for free, easy to use graphic design apps to help them create infographics to promote their books and other products.

Testing DesignEvo

So I decided I'd test DesignEvo, which has more than 3000 templates, and see what I could do with it. As the partnership representative said in her email, the software has some excellent features:
  • 3000+ fully customizable logo templates
  • Over one million icons available to search through
  • Hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from
  • Freely customize a logo with powerful editing tools.
There are 3 membership levels offered:

Free which allows you to download what you create as a 500px x 500px, low resolution file,
JPG/PNG with background. This image is okay for using online as you can tell from the image above. It is not suitable for printing on a tee shirt and not sharp enough for printing.

Basic costs a one-time fee of $19.99. This level allows you to create images with a maximum resolution of 5000px x 5000px PNG with transparent background, and the images are print-ready. You also receive Lifetime support for the product.

Plus costs a one-time fee of $39.99. This level gives you all of the above plus the ability to edit and re-download and also download in Vector, PDF, and SVG files. Additionally, you also have the right to trademark the customized and purchased logo design.

Creating Infographics or Teasers

Can this be used as a substitute for digital illustration software like Gimp, Canva, or FotoJet? No.

You can't upload images like book cover art, but I can see that it would be great to design a logo to brand a group of authors who band together for a common goal or a writing club membership or a logo for a special box set.

Why not register an account? There's no downside. (1) It's free. (2) It's very easy to use. (3) There's a wide range of categories, templates, icons, shapes, and fonts. (4) Customizing what you create from standard elements is easy.

Takeaway Truth

If you don't have your own logo, go to DesignEvo and you can whip one in a very short time. Use your logo for branding your social media sites, websites, blogs, guest blogs, etc. You're limited only by your imagination.


  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information

  2. Thanks for sharing your review for DesignEVO. Design EVO is the best logo maker platform for startups to create their businesses logo in few minutes. I know a another logo maker platform where you can create logo in same process but i think is unique after purchasing your logo they delete it permanently its means your logo is yours no one can create logo same as you have. Thanks for writing this beautiful post and share with us.