Quickie Review: Duchess In Love by Eloisa James

I think I'm still tired from yesterday. I'd love a few more hours of sleep.

Of course, this foggy gray day enhances the feeling of tiredness.

I must leave in a few minutes for another day away from the office so this will be a short post.

Like the old TV show Laugh In that's shown in syndication on one of the local HD channels, it's time for a quickie—review that is.

Quickie Review: Duchess In Love by Eloisa James

I find when I'm tired and feeling a little down that I turn to Regency romance novels. There's something comforting about reading stories with genteel characters seeking love that's calming and pleasant. Despite whatever drama lies within the pages, the well-mannered characters muddle through to their happily ever after.

Duchess In Love is a perfect example of this kind of book. It's as pleasant and soothing as watching the Netflix series Escape to the Country in which couples throng to the lovely English countryside where one hardly sees a weed obstructing the pastoral view.

I love the novels by Eloisa James, and Duchess In Love is no exception. Ms. James has well-drawn, witty  characters who find themselves in absurd situations, and the secondary characters add just the right amount of humor to make the reader smile—knowing full well that these second bananas will have their day in the spotlight as the heroine of another of the books in her series.

In Duchess In Love the heroine was forced into marriage with a Duke at a very young age. He left the country immediately without consummating the marriage of course. Years pass and Gina, our virgin heroine who is sorely put out by her lot in life, wants an annulment so she can get on with her life.

When Camden, the Duke of Girton, returns home, with that very intention on his mind, he finds Gina has become a woman—a very desirable woman. How can he give her the annulment she demands when he realizes he's fallen in love with her?

Takeaway Truth

If you're looking for a novel to brighten a gray day, try Duchess In Love, only $1.99 at Amazon Kindle.

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