Past, Present, Future

I saw this image in my graphics file. I had downloaded it a while back from BigStockPhoto, my go-to website for images.

I like the sentiment on it and what each element means.

The Past

Too many times we get caught up in regrets and wishing we'd done something differently yesterday--or not done it at all!

If we could just put yesterday into perspective, perhaps we wouldn't worry so much. Yesterday is history. The minute that just passed is history. Accept it.

If you don't like what you did or said yesterday, accept that you can't change it. You can only change what you do today. Move on.

The Future

Unless you're psychic, no one knows what tomorrow holds. It's a big mystery and will remain so until you live it minute to minute. You can plan for tomorrow, but you better build flexibility into that plan because plans have a way of changing when you least expect it. Like Sabrina Snow, the heroine in Dead Heat, my most recent book, liked to say: Always have an option--just in case.

The Present

This minute is the present--right now--in the moment. Whoops. It's gone now. It's past. Make each minute count because time moves at warp speed. Trust me. The older you get; the faster time flies. If you're above ground and looking down at the grass--instead of in the ground looking up--then you have a gift from God. As it says in the sign above, that's why it's called THE PRESENT

Takeaway Truth

Instead of bitching, moaning, and whining over every little thing, take a long-time perspective so you can actually enjoy The Present.

Post Script

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