Feast Day Approaches

My daughter, son-in-law, husband, and I were just planning Thanksgiving Dinner--what we were cooking, who was invited, etc.

I imagine it was the same in days of old when plans were made for a feast day. Back then of course they had to plan early so they'd know which animals needed to be hunted and which vegetables needed to be harvested.

It's a lot easier today. We hunt turkeys at the local supermarket and also get the veggies, fruit, and other ingredients there.

Tradition Plus Experiments

I've always liked serving family favorites, but I also enjoy trying new recipes and sometimes serving something different as the entree.

This year we're having Roasted Prime Rib as the main entree, but we also have turkey for those who want the traditional.

I'm making my signature Cornbread Dressing (secret ingredient is pecans), Orange-Cranberry Relish, and Lemon Meringue Pies.

I'll probably make a cake too with a recipe from Friday Is Cake Day, a collection of cake recipes from 3 generations of my family.

This recipe book has 52 tried and true recipes--some are super easy; some are complicated, but all are delicious. Friday Is Cake Day is only 99cents!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it's focused on family and friends.

Oddly enough, it really doesn't matter if this feast is large or small. What really matters is focusing on the good things in life and sharing friendship and love on this day set aside for giving thanks.

Takeaway Truth

Wishing you all a wonderful day full of love and friendship.

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