Big Oopsie Daisy Corrected


That's me screaming when I realized I'd uploaded the wrong file for DEAD HEAT to Amazon!

Here's the rest of the story...and what you need to do if you bought DEAD HEAT before November 21.

Oopsie Daisy

When I was a kid, one of my mom's friends had the habit of saying, "Oopsie daisy," if she made a mistake--however large or small.

Well, OOPSIE DAISY seems to apply to just about everything I do lately!! *LTKFC* (That's my invention LTKFC which means Laughing To Keep From Crying.)

Between my multiple family crises and my general burnout, I somehow finished my latest book DEAD HEAT. I managed to get it uploaded by the deadline even. Imagine my horror when I realized Sunday night that I had uploaded an uncorrected file!


I didn't know whether to toss my cookies, jump off the roof, or throw in the towel.

Instead, I took a deep breath, uploaded the correct file, and emailed Amazon to ask them to notify those who'd bought the book already that a new file was available.

Today, I heard from Amazon. They no longer give that personal touch. They sent me to a web page to learn more about the issue.

Another Learning Experience

The good news is that it's easy to download the latest book file for any ebook you own that you purchased from Kindle. It's very simple to do.

Every Amazon user has a MANAGE YOUR DIGITAL CONTENT page.

On that page, there are several options. One is AUTOMATIC UPDATES.

On the AUTOMATIC UPDATES page, you'll see this explanation:

"With automatic book updates ON you will receive the most up to date and fully featured version of the Books you own. In order to preserve your reading progress, bookmarks, notes, highlights and annotations across different versions of books, make sure that all of your Kindle devices and reading apps have “Annotations Backup” or “Whispersync for Books” turned on. If you choose to turn it OFF, you will no longer receive book updates automatically.


1. Just go to your MANAGE YOUR DIGITAL CONTENT page, look under AUTOMATIC UPDATES, and make sure it's turned ON.

2. Then go to the ebook on your device--DEAD HEAT in this case--and REMOVE IT FROM YOUR DEVICE -- it's still there in the cloud.

3. Just DOWNLOAD it again to your device. When you open it, you'll have the latest book file!

Takeaway Truth

I didn't know this! It just took a couple of minutes for me to get the new file of my book, Dead Heat, downloaded to my Kindle. If you have the old uncorrected file, please download the new one so you can enjoy the book the way it's meant to be enjoyed.

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