Video Book Trailer: A Christmas She'll Remember

A Christmas She'll Remember Romance Collection consists of 7 full-length holiday romance novels by NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

Last night I created a video trailer for this collection. That was the easy part.

The hard part started this morning when I finalized the video and uploaded it to my YouTube Channel.

The Problem

I hadn't uploaded a video in the last 6 months. Like most constantly-updating websites, YouTube tweaked theirs. The tweak included an auto-play option that selected the lowest video resolution by default.

Unless the User knows to change the resolution to HD, all videos will play at 280p resolution which makes a horrible fuzzy video. The workaround of course is to set the default to HD, but that's not shown by YouTube anywhere--not even in a popup to tell the user they can change the resolution.

Plus, it's an irritant to have to adjust the resolution for every video.

The Solution

Mr. Google had the answer. I had to download a Google app that allows the video creator--me--to set HD as the default for any videos I upload.

The Embed Problem

Another tweak YouTube did was to change their Embed protocol. In the past, if you clicked Share / Embed, you would get a default script to paste into your website. If you knew the size parameters for your website, you could easily change that script to fit where you wanted to embed it. Just change the width measurement, and the height would automatically convert properly.

The Embed Solution

Now, you have to copy the script they give, paste it into your website, then manually change both height and width. You can see the result below. This new video is also on my Video Page if you'd like to watch it--and any of the others--in the future.

Enjoy A CHRISTMAS SHE'LL REMEMBER Video Trailer! Oh, I probably should tell you that this collection is free on Kindle Unlimited or buy it for only 99 cents at Amazon only.

Takeaway Truth

The Holiday Collections are hitting the cyber shelves. Grab these bargains today and have lots of holiday fun reading ahead.

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