Serge de Moliere Tackles the Dirty Dozen

Grab your favorite morning beverage. This morning, I'm introducing you to Serge de Moliere, author of Nine Drops of Love. (Isn't that a great cover?)

About Serge de Moliere

Serge lives and writes in New York City where he draws on the great energy and diversity of the Big Apple for his stories of love and passion.

Serge is the author of French Kiss, an erotic romance, which can also be found at Goodreads.

His most recent release is Nine Drops of Love which he dubs "a charming romance." His books are available on Amazon U.S. and Amazon UK. Nine Drops of Love can be found at Books To Go Now as well as at Amazon, Kobo, and Scribd.

Find Serge de Moliere Online: Facebook * Twitter.

Serge de Moliere Tackles the Dirty Dozen

Q1. In which genre do you write and why that particular genre?
Serge: I write contemporary romantic love stories, as well as sci fi and fantasy, and sometimes I mix
these genres.

Q2. What inspired Nine Drops of Love?
Serge: The story, Nine Drops of Love, is actually my favorite novella to date. It’s a bit of a departure from my prior novellas, such as French Kiss because it is romantic and sensual, but not erotic. It started with a vague idea that popped into my head for a love story about a magical love potion.

As I started working on it, the story began to write itself as if the characters magically took control. It ended up being quite different than I intended when I started. The Dominican heroine is inspired in part by a pretty writer I met blended with another charming woman I know. As the narrative flows, altered clones of real people have a habit of inserting themselves into the fictional world. It was a lot of fun to write Nine Drops of Love and there’s a little humor in it that I hope readers will enjoy.

Q3. As an author, what can readers expect when they read one of your books?
Serge: Readers can expect romance, passion and a sensual atmosphere. Nine Drops of Love is the first one that (I think) is funny at times.

Q4. How did you "become" an author? For instance, was there a moment when you said: "I think I'll write a book."
Serge: I wrote my first “book” when I was eight in response to my teacher’s assignment of “As You Like” homework-meaning do whatever you want. I decided it would be fun to write a book.
It was very short with illustrations I did myself--not wisely but too well.

Q5. What's the best thing about being an author?
Serge: As an author, you can create your own worlds and characters and control events; that is, you can until the story or the characters revolt and seize control.

Q6. What's the worst thing about being an author?
Serge: It can be frustrating, tedious and time consuming. Writing is difficult. Frustration arises constantly because you never write as well as you’d like to (such as Hemingway & Fitzgerald).

Q7. What device do you use to read ebooks?

Serge: Kindle Cloud when I do.

Q8. Do you have editions of your books available other than ebook editions?
Serge: Yes, French Kiss (a sensual, erotic romance between an aspiring Asian actress and a
French film director) is available in paperback as well as ebook editions. Nine Drops of Love which was just released should be available in paperback too according to the publisher.

Q9. Do you listen to audio books? If so, where can readers find them, and what device do you use to listen to audiobooks?
Serge: Not so far.

Q10. If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?
Serge: The greatest writers of all time urge aspiring authors to write and rewrite. I can’t suggest anything better than that.

Q11. If you could tell readers one thing, what would it be?
Serge: Love well and often!

Q12. What is your current big dream (or goal) as a writer?
Serge: To have one of my stories made into a film, preferably with Jennifer Lawrence, Alice Braga, or Scarlett Johansson as the heroine!

Takeaway Truth

I hope you enjoyed meeting Serge de Moliere Be sure and look for Nine Drops of Love at Amazon or the other ebook sellers.

By the way, Serge's new release in December will be Rendezvous at Christmas which features a love affair sparked during the holiday season, of course!

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