Need Disposable Email Address?

Why would anyone need a disposable email address?

There are a lot of reasons. I test a lot of website apps, and I've learned that I get a lot of unwanted email from signing up for user accounts.

If I use a disposable email address, I can set up a user account, test the app, and see if I get tons of spam as a result.

If the website proves useful, I can cancel the "test" user account and set up one with my normal email address. Offers Options

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel., a website to which I subscribe, wrote an excellent article a few months ago about the various websites that enable you to create and use a disposable email address.

In Need a Disposable Email Address, they give 6 websites that offer that service and explain what each is best used for.

Do not mistake this for being anonymous online. Anytime you access a website, your IP address is automatically sent to the website (data packet). Read another article published on the same website, Can You Really Be Anonymous Online?.

Takeaway Truth

Free apps are wonderful--especially when they fulfill a specific purpose.

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