A Writer's Goal

We're half way through this new year so it's a good time to ask: "Do you set goals?"

If the answer is yes, then do an assessment to see if you're well on the way to achieving those goals.

If the answer is no, then it's a good time to see if setting goals will help you during the last half of 2017.

Even those who don't set goals actually have some goal in mind. They just don't have it written down. So let's make a road map made on how to get there.

Writers and Goal Setting

For writers, the goal is usually get the damn book written. Okay, you get it from your brain to paper. Now what? If you start with traditional publishing, you try to place it with an agent, sometimes directly with a publisher.

For indie authors, you publish it and hope it sells.

Next goal? Write another book. Full speed ahead. Next goal? Write another. And so on and so on.

Writing another book should always be your number 1 goal. Not marketing, social media, and all the other hoops we jump through.

Authors lose sight of this important fact. To sell more books, write more books.

Takeaway Truth

Always remember your number 1 goal is to write the book--then repeat the process.

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