Review: Bosch, Season 3

If you've read my previous reviews of Bosch, Season 1 and Season 2, you know Darling Hubby and I are big fans of the series made from Michael Connelly's books.

If you aren't Amazon Prime Subscribers, you can watch a recap of Seasons 1 and 2 and a trailer for Season 3, here. Just scroll to the bottom and you'll find those videos.

We're such big fans that I actually marked the date on my calendar when Season 3 would be available. When the big day came, we weren't disappointed. The new season is as captivating as the previous two.

C Is For Captivating, Compelling, and Charismatic

At the end of season 2, Harry Bosch had finally learned who murdered his mother. He thinks he's made peace with the past. However, as season 3 progresses, Harry begins to question what he knows.

With other murders to solve, he's back with a "feeling that he can't let go." Watch the series and you'll agree that the musical theme is spot on for the kind of detective he is. Titus Welliver was born to play Bosch. He is simply superb in the role.

How the Series Is Built

Rather than have each season be one book, each season is an amalgamation of several books. Hubby and I were so captivated by the Bosch character that we started on Connelly's books in order. We're up to book 14 now so we recognize the various books used as source material for the series.

I won't give any spoilers because I think you should watch this police procedural series yourself. There are twists and turns, and all kinds of bad guys--who think they're smarter than a mere cop--to catch. This series is worth the price of becoming an Amazon Prime Subscriber.

Takeaway Truth

Do yourself a favor and watch Bosch. Start at the beginning and watch from Season 1. Have a Bosch Festival. We are on our first available weekend because we want to introduce friends to this outstanding series.

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