Results of Free Book Promotion

I thought a free book promotion would be a nice thing to do for Memorial weekend.

Heat Lightning is on Kindle Unlimited (free for subscribers or 2.99 to buy for anyone) so I set it up to be free for May 28 and 29.

I did not advertise the free book except on SlingWords the night before it was to go free, some Twitter posts, and a couple on Facebook each day.


473 copies given away in the U.S. and 6 other countries.

Hit #10 on the Free List for Kindle eBooks > Mystery Thriller Suspense > Crime Fiction > Murder . I don't know if it went lower than 10 because I didn't check after that, but I was surprised by its ranking in that category.

Brief uptick in sales of my other books especially Cinderella Blue which is the excerpt in the back of Heat Lightning.

Brief increase in free downloads of my permanently free short story, LuvU4Ever which isn't advertised anywhere except in the back of my books and herre on SlingWords..

Lots of new followers on Facebook and subscribers to my mailing list, WordPlay.

Ways to Improve Performance

I know the things to do to improve performance of promotions, but I never know from one day to the next what demands will be placed on me due to family members with health problems.

When I suddenly end up with some free time, I do whatever can be done in that window of opportunity.

You see, this year I decided to stop running ads that have to be booked at least a few weeks in advance because in the past I've done that and then been unavailable to follow up appropriately.

Tune in tomorrow on the last day of May for links to some great posts that you may have missed from SlingWords and other excellent blogs.

Takeaway Truth

Giving away a book for free occasionally can bring new readers to your books.

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