Saturday Recipe Share: Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake

Since tomorrow is Mother's Day, why not serve up a delicious cake for Mom's celebration?

Since this is a busy weekend, let's make a super easy cake like Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake?

A punch bowl cake is really a chilled trifle, a delicious combination of cake, fruit, and whipped cream. So you can put this together today to serve tomorrow.

Today's recipe for Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake is from Friday Is Cake Day, my cake recipe book. It's available for only 99 cents from Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers. See all buy links at the end of this post.

  • 1 box of yellow cake mix
  • 12 ounces of heavy cream, whipped
  • 1 large can crushed pineapple in real juice
  • 1 large package of vanilla pudding mix, prepared
  • 1 can strawberry pie filling or 2 cups fresh sliced strawberries
  • Bake the cake as the package directions require and cook the vanilla pudding mix.
  • Crumble the cake into pieces about an inch square.
  • In a large punchbowl or a pretty large glass bowl of any kind, layer the ingredients in this order: cake pieces, pudding, pineapple, pie filling or fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.
  • Repeat the layers until you’ve used up all the ingredients, finishing with whipped cream on top.
  • You can get extra fancy and place chocolate curls on top of the whipped cream.
  • Chill at least 4 hours and serve. The longer it chills; the better it tastes because all the flavors meld.
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Takeaway Truth

Enjoy the cake and have a Happy Mother's Day!

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