How To Be a Happy Writer

Writers complain. A lot. I'll be honest--that's me sometimes. I have to remind myself of some simple truths about being a writer.

Happiness is an attitude. You're either happy or unhappy based on what you think about--make that, obsess about.

How To Be a Happy Writer

1. Refuse to let other people's ideas about what you write affect your mood and/or your writing.

2. Avoid reading reviews if you internalize them.

3. Accept that if you want to sell, you need to write what the reader wants.

You see, publishing is a business driven by the bottom line even if you're an indie self-published author.  Stay abreast of what kind of books are in demand.

I learned something valuable from my husband who was an energy trader. One of the first things he said he learned is that you must want what the market wants. If the markets are moving, then you must want to take a position that takes advantage of the market movement.

Our market is publishing. If the publishing market is moving toward a particular genre, look for something about that genre that really appeals to you. Create your niche within the genre.

4. If you don't care whether you sell or not, then write what you want to write.
Just don't bitch about not selling.

5. Develop a solid work ethic that gets you writing regularly.
You are a writer so writing should make you happy. If writing doesn't make you happy, you need to find something else to do.

6. Always remember, there is no one way to succeed.What works for Nora Roberts may not work for you so you must learn what works for you. You must know yourself, your abilities, your aptitudes, your skills, your desires, and your ability to create.

7. Don't be a literary snob.
Every genre out exists because there's an audience for it. Respect what other people read.

8. Be open to literary criticism.
Never think your words are carved in granite. Any agent, editor, reviewer, or reader will tell you/teach you that they're not. Learn to take editorial guidance without getting upset.

Takeaway Truth

Be open. To new genres, new ideas, and the need to change if necessary. Change can mean growth. Choose to be happy because in the final analysis, it really is a choice.

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