Giving Thanks on Memorial Day

Memorial Day sometimes gets lost among the travel, family picnics, BBQs, and retail sales.

Many see it as the unofficial start of the summer vacation season.

I think the Sunday that falls in this three-day holiday is a great time to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day--to remember and honor those who died in service to our country.

Many visit the nearest Veteran's Cemetery and place flowers and wreaths there.

I know everyone's life is super busy, but please take a moment to honor those who paid the ultimate price in service. If you can't visit a Veteran's Cemetery or patients in a VA hospital, then make a donation to a veterans' organization like Wounded Warrior. If you see a man or woman in uniform, thank them for their service.

Takeaway Truth

Teach your children why we have a Memorial Day. Start a family observance of doing something to honor veterans as well as having a big family party.

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