Catch These May Posts

I caught up with some of my blog reading this week. Here's my list of good posts for May in case you missed some of these.

Amazon Sponsored Ads by Mimi Barbour

Source of Blog Topics from SlingWords

Branding for Authors: When Do We Need Marketing & Advertisingby Kristen Lamb

7 Essential Skills You Need to Become a Writer by Tess Pajaron on Nicholas Rossi’s Blog

The Pressure to Release Titles by Jane Friedman

How to Be a Happy Writer from SlingWords

7 Ways to Build an Email List for Your New Ebook by Michelle Deery on Nicholas Rossi's blog

If Only I’d Known: Writing Lesson by Jennifer Bray-Weber.

Writers Must Possess Certain Skills from SlingWords

Writing Every Day by Nan on Word Wranglers

Who’s Pointing at You by David Gaughran

Takeaway Truth

Did you read some great posts in May? If so, post a link.

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