What Was Missing From John Wick 2

I intended to post something about John Wick Chapter 2, which Darling Hubby and I saw on its opening day, but time got away from me.


Unlike the first movie, this one did not have a deeply emotional hook. John Wick 2 opened with the nonstop action of Wick retaking his car that was stolen in the first movie. The plot was based on dealing with the fallout of Wick's actions in the first movie. Based on the character, this was a believable premise.

What Was Missing

Although this movie had all of the elements of the previous one--except the strong emotional hook--the one thing that would have lifted it above the genre would have been a soundtrack like the one in the first movie.

There was some techno music during some of the scenes, but they should have gone back to Marilyn Manson for another signature piece like Killing Strangers at the very least. (I've named that genre Ballistic Music.)

Even if you don't like the language of the lyrics, you find yourself humming along. The first John Wick soundtrack enhanced each scene and lifted the movie above the genre.

Takeaway Truth

Despite not having an emotional hook and the Ballistic Music, John Wick 2 is worth seeing if you're into action flicks or Keanu Reeves--ladies, he just gets better with age.


  1. I agree with you about Keanu. I'm waiting until the movie comes out on HBO to see it.

    1. I'll be buying it for hubby when it comes out on DVD/BluRay.