Saturday Recipe Share: BBQ Polish Sausage and Beans

This April day is gorgeous. I'm headed outside to garden.

I have 2 giant terracotta pots to plant with zinnias, trailing ivy, and asparagus fern.

I know I'll be too tired to cook dinner so I just put the slow cooker on. The type I have is Crock Pot.

I'm making a dinner that's delicious comfort food. If you don't have these ingredients, pick them up from the supermarket today for an easy, savory and deliciious dinner tomorrow.

This recipe will be included in my upcoming recipe book: 99 Problems But Dinner Ain't One. (It took me a long while to accept the Ain't in the title. *LOL*) I hope to have this book published by the end of April. Enjoy this sneak peek recipe this weekend.

Slow-Cooker Barbecued Polish Sausage and Beans


2 (15.5 ounce) cans of Navy beans or Great Northern beans, drained and rinsed
2 (15 ounce) cans of black beans, drained and rinsed
1 cup chopped onion (can be coarse chopped or fine chopped--your choice)
1 cup barbecue sauce (I use Austin's, but I don't know if this is available outside of Texas)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon of ground mustard
1 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce
2 teaspoons chili powder
1 to 1 1/4 pounds fully cooked smoked Polish sausage cut in 3 inch slices (I include this recipe in the Beef section of my cookbook, but you can certainly use Pork or a mixture of Beef/Pork. Turkey sausage can be used, but it doesn't hold up as well during the long, slow cooker process.)

  • Spray a 3 to 4 quart slow cooker with cooking spray or use one of those liners.
  • Mix all ingredients together in the slow cooker.
  • Cover and cook on Low for 5 to 6 hours. If you're short of time, cook on High for 2 to 3 hours. (With most slow cookers, you can raise the temp to High and cut the time in half.
  • Serve with garlic bread to rave reviews.
Takeaway Truth

Weekends are easier to enjoy when you know dinner isn't a problem.

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