Happy Birthday, SlingWords + Giveaway

On April 12, 2005, I published the first post in SlingWords. Since then, I've published 2,782 posts.

I've hosted hundreds of authors over the years and have chronicled my path from traditional publishing to indie publishing to producing audio books and learning how to make video book trailers.

I've shared just about everything I've learned over the years with the hope that it helped make your journey easier.

I didn't use much art the first two years. As I blogged more and learned how to legally obtain graphic images, my posts grew more illustrated.

I became quite adept at blogging and have had a book on blogging as a work in progress for a couple of years. I hope to finally publish Blog Ops, designed to make blogging easier and fun for you, in a couple of weeks.

Unlike many who feel blogging is a burden, I enjoy it. I want to show others how to enjoy it too.

First Post

The first post on SlingWords was a Japanese Proverb that I've followed most of my life. I guess it's my declaration that I may fall, but ultimately I will keep going. I will win. Here's that post in its entirety.

Fall down 7 times; stand up 8. ~ Japanese Proverb

Short But Profound

There you have it, my first succinct post about how to succeed. I still believe the wisdom in those 7 words. Winners are those who try one more time. If you quit, you lose. If you keep going, you win.

Yes, sometimes the number of times you fall seems to be multiplied by thousands. I've fallen frequently in life, but I've always managed to pick myself up and stand--and try--again.

The will to prevail--to stand again when you've fallen--is the will to succeed.

About Takeaway Truth

In 2007, I used the phrase "Takeaway Truth" for the first time. I didn't start doing it with every post until July 2008.

I had started adding a summary sentence or two at the end of each post because I'd learned how Internet readers actually read content.

Internet readers read vertically, looking for sub-headings, bullet points, etc. that help them grasp the content immediately. I thought adding a summary sentence of the post made sense. I still do that, and blog readers look for it.

Blog Themes and Pages

I changed blog themes a few years ago, and I may change again. I think blogs need a facelift every now and then so they don't get stale.

I've also added extra pages to the blog because I used it more as a website than my actual website. (My life seems to be busier and more complicated than ever so time has become a scarce commodity for me. I can't seem to find time to update my website which is something I plan to change this year.)

Giveaway to Celebrate the 12th Birthday

Even though I missed posting this on the blog's actual birthday which was April 12, I don't want to wait another day before celebrating the 12th Birthday of my beloved little blog.

I'm giving away 12 copies of my first indie published title, Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones. (The embedded link is for Amazon in case you don't score a freebie.)

A billionaire, a secret crush, a betrayal. Just your typical high school reunion is the background for this sexy romantic comedy!

To claim your free copy, click here to visit the Smashwords page for Jane (I'm Still single) Jones.

Takeaway Truth

Thank you for reading and supporting my little blog. I love receiving your emails and your blog comments. I deeply appreciate those of you who subscribe to SlingWords through the Kindle store (only 99cents a month).

Post Script

I'm always open to "guest stars" who have something valuable to say to those who read SlingWords, and I'm open to readers as well as authors who want to be on the blog.

Use the Contact Page to email me if you'd like to appear on SlingWords.

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