How To Tell If You Are A Binge Reader

I've been a binge reader my entire life. I was one before there was a label for the kid with the book and a flashlight huddled under the covers.

Once I started a book, I simply couldn't bear to close it until those 2 magic words--The End--appeared.

Ebooks Perfect for Binge Readers

Today's ebook world is a wonderland for readers like me. They're plentiful. They're inexpensive. Some are even free.

With my trusty Kindle in hand, I can finish a book, buy a new one, and in less than a minute, I've got a new book ready to read.

Are you a binge reader too? If you don't know, here's a questionnaire I devised to help you discover whether you too suffer from this wonderful disorder.

Binge Reader Questionnaire

1. Are you unable to place a bookmark and close a book once you've started reading?

2. When you finish a book, do you immediately start reading another one?

3. In the rare event that you have no other books to read, do you find yourself in an online bookstore and don't know how you got there?

4. Would you rather read than watch TV?

5. Do you sneak a read when you're supposed to be doing something else like laundry, a spreadsheet that's due, or your writing quota for the day?

6. Do you stay up late at night reading when you should be sleeping?

7. Do you have stacks of books to read and a full ereader device, but you can't resist buying another book?

8. Have you ever said: I can quit any time I want?

If you answered yes to at least half of these questions, you may be a binge reader.

If you answered yes to all of them, you're my kind of reader. Be sure and sign up for my mailing list / free newsletter so you'll be the first to know when I have a new book out.

Final Analysis

You probably have a cluttered home, piles of work awaiting you at the office, and a tee shirt that reads: So many books. So little time!

But who cares? There are worse addictions than reading. Look on the bright side. You're well-read. You can converse on many different subjects.

Your kids are probably readers too, and that's helped them develop critical thinking skills.

Takeaway Truth

If reading makes you happy, chances are your family is happy too. Read on!

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